About us

SP labs is only for those who wish for performance formulas.
Our Vision

At splabs, we only use quality raw materials. If you want your skin to age quickly, only use natural materials and oils, which are perfect for the maturation of dermal and epidermal cells.

Our Mision

at SP Labs we also think outside the current mondane greenwashing failure of now 48 years of marketing all except the science of effective cosmetic formula.

Our Value

We really help the new projects you are looking for, that work in the materials, and the formula by being tested on all aspects for the formula and the better processing mode or modes to optimize those real Claims.

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Unique formula
the scientist above all

SP Labs is at the forefront of very novel raw materials, thanks to two sister companies.

Firstly, The Innovation Company® in activity since 1987, with the art and science of mastering Sun, Color and Skin care ingredients.

IVISLaBS® since 2014, a testing company for raw materials but more important finished formulas from SPF/UVA to biomodulation performances only by In Situ and In Vivo analysis.  In Vitro UVR (ISO 24443:2) is of the highest exactitude in the market place. Also, the unique method by using AI of counting Melanin production with our live skin types from 1 to 6 allows to understand what are actually the best results of Melanocytes production of Melanin.

Our exhibitions

Join us on all our shows to discover our products and discuss your project


MakeUp in paris

                  14 - 15 Jun 2023

                         Stand B12



                  14 - 15 Jun 2023

                         Stand B12


unique Suppliers’day – NYSCC

                2 - 3 May 2023
          Stand : 1675 & 1676